The Best Hot Tub Accessories for Your Backyard

A hot tub is a great investment, good for your health and entertainment. With a hot tub, you can relax, soak away pain, and spend time with important people in your life. Even the simplest hot tub accomplishes these things, but you can make yours really special with a few accessories.

  • Some hot tub accessories are functional in nature. Cover lifters make heavy covers easier to take off the tub, and they keep the covers off the ground. New technology has also made it possible to care for your spa water and monitor it or even turn it on remotely. Steps make it easy to get in and out of your hot tub, and a handrail can make it even easier and safer. When you add a spa-side umbrella, you gain shade and skin protection, as well as protection from rain or snow. Specially designed spa pillows cradle your head and neck, and a towel tree makes it easy to hang towels in easy reach. Want to store your towels someplace even more luxurious? Consider a towel warmer. Special outdoor lighting designed for hot tubs make them more inviting and a spa vacuum helps you keep your tub clean and give your hot tub filter a rest. An outdoor shower gives your guests a place to rinse off before and after their soak.
  • Other accessories are just for fun. High tech entertainment accessories like Bluetooth connectivity or a tv monitor help you relax and enjoy your tub while also streaming music, podcasts, and audiobooks or watching your favorite shows, movies, and sporting events. A bar table makes a more inviting environment for hanging out with other adults. For family-oriented fun, pick up some, toys, waterproof cards, and floating game boards to keep everyone entertained.
  • A hot tub cooling system adds a twist to your hot tub’s function. The typical hot tub is great for an evening dip or a soak on a chilly day. But what about those sweltering days when you really crave a refreshing dip in cool, clear water? When you install a cooling system, your hot tub because a cool tup, perfect for chilling out. Cooling systems are also a great way to get cold therapy if you’re an athlete. Be aware, it typically takes a few hours to switch your tub between hot and cold.

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