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Get a massage from the comfort of your home through Aaron Pools & Spas, a quality provider of massage chairs in southern Massachusetts and eastern Rhode Island. We provide near-instant relaxation for families.
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About Our Massage Chairs

Aaron Pools & Spas is proud to bring the ultra-soothing Infinity massage chair to homes and families. Our Infinity models provide professional-grade relief to you and your guests. You'll feel as if you've received muscle relaxation and tension relief from a trained, licensed massage therapist without having to leave the house. The Infinity massage chair provides years of comfort, making it a wise investment for your home, health, and happiness.
Black Aura chair

Our Models

Infinity Aura

Features a four-node back massage mechanism and provides shiatsu, kneading, tapping, and knocking massage styles.

Infinity Smart Chair

This 3D and 4D massage chair performs and feels like a deep tissue massage from a professional.

Infinity Genesis Max 4D

Its cutting-edge 4D back mechanism and radiant lumbar heat loosen up muscles fast.

Over 50 Years of Quality Since 1972

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