Saltwater Pools

Saltwater Pools for a Refreshing Summertime Dip

Crystal-clear. Smooth to the touch. Install a saltwater pool on your southern Massachusetts or eastern Rhode Island property, provided by Aaron Pools & Spas. Saltwater provides fantastic benefits that you and your family will love.
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Saltwater Pools vs. Chlorine Pools

Saltwater is a terrific alternative to standard chlorinated pools because it is cleaner and safer for swimming. It uses less chlorine than traditional pools, reducing exposure to potentially harmful chemicals and pollutants. Less chlorine means softer contact between your skin and the water so that you can enjoy your swimming experience without irritation.
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Which Type of Pool Is Better?

Both saltwater and chlorine pools have pros and cons, but if you want less chlorine, then a saltwater pool may be right for you. Salt converts chlorine in a much safer and minimal way than traditional pools allow. Less chlorine provides many benefits, including cost savings and a healthier swimming environment. We recommend requesting a saltwater pool to avoid the risks of high amounts of chlorine.


You'll need to purchase lots of chlorine and other chemicals if you choose a traditional pool, which will drive up your annual costs. Salt is much cheaper than chlorine.


Chlorine can be stored, but it can be easy to leave out and forget. Leaving it out can pose a health and safety risk, especially for children and pets.

Better Smell

Nobody enjoys chlorine's chemical-like odor. Salt converts chlorine naturally and gradually, reducing its foul odor. You can enjoy your pool without getting a heavy whiff of chlorine.

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