Small Back Yard, Big Oasis: Innovative Pool Designs for Limited Space

Making an Oasis of a Small Backyard

If you are looking for ways to make your small backyard more relaxing, you may believe that a pool is out of the question. The fact is, though, that even a small backyard can be your own personal oasis, with the right pool design. A small pool offers many benefits, including reduced cost of operation and supplies, and can be just as appealing and impactful as a large pool. Read on for some innovative pool designs that can create the ambiance you want in the space you have.

The Best Small Pool Designs

  • Consider a circular pool for a unique focal point. A round pool can fit beautifully into a small backyard, while also giving it a stunning look. It’s also easy to make a circular pool a secluded spot, by enclosing it with beautiful foliage. Round pools are uncommon, which makes them all the more interesting. A circular pool can be in-ground or above ground and is beautiful either way. If you opt for an above-ground pool, consider incorporating it into your decking, or getting creative with your landscaping, to give it a luxe look.
  • A plunge pool is perfect for beating the heat. Plunge pools are small, but that doesn’t mean they’re not good for exercise. Water aerobics and water jogging can be done in a plunge pool, and they can also feature a Swim Jet System to create currents that push against you and help you get in a workout. They’re also great for simply lounging, relaxing, and cooling off on a hot day.
  • Put a lap pool in a long, narrow space. A lap pool is perfect for people who want to swim, but have limited space. Lap pools are rectangular, and are usually about eight feet wide and as long as the homeowner prefers. Squeeze a lap pool beside your house, and you can swim laps, exercise, or just cool down when it’s hot outside. For optimal visual impact, design your lengthy pool in a way that mirrors the architecture of your home.
  • Add some panache to a small yard with an infinity pool. It may seem like an outlandish idea in a small yard, but if you have a good view, or your yard is on the edge of a hill or cliff, an infinity pool can bring add a dramatic touch of elegant flair. Also known as a vanishing edge pool, this type of pool has a stunning look, with water running over the edge, making the pool blend in with the scenery.
  • A spa pool is compact and luxurious. Also called a spool, this progressive combo is smaller than a standard pool, larger than a standard spa, and features luxurious touches like built-in seats, jets, and heating. With a spa pool, you get a fun place to relax and hang out with friends, but also the health benefits of hydrotherapy.
  • Go minimalist with an industrial-stye pool. For a home with modern architecture, an urban garden with a simple rectangular pool can make a strong impression. Think concrete, wood, and stone, with the pool against the house to allow room to walk and lounge around it, and a minimalistic vibe. Concrete planters and sleek lounge chairs complete the look, making the entire ambiance sophisticated while also welcoming.
  • Design a pool in a custom shape. Maybe your yard is irregularly shaped, or you prefer a pool that doesn’t look very structured. In either case, a freeform pool can be the solution, as the shape can be adjusted to be exactly what you want it to be. Be aware, though, that this type of pool is likely to be more useful for lounging than for doing any serious swimming.
  • Create a natural oasis with a pool that blends into the landscape. Imagine a pool that looks like a natural body of water, and allows your backyard to retain a pure, untouched look. A natural pool is a whimsical choice but can be truly beautiful, adding interest to your backyard space. Consider adding an organic water feature, like a waterfall tumbling into the pool on one side, for even more appeal.
  • Focus on the details to find your perfect pool. Think carefully about the size that will work best for you, as you can choose a pool that’s any size you want. Typically, a comfortable size for a small pool would be 15 to 20 feet long and 6 to 8 feet wide, but a plunge pool can be five feet by 10 feet. Once you’ve decided on the size, make it interesting! Dark tiles make a pool look mysterious, and even a small pool can benefit from the drama of a fountain. Your pool should fit your aesthetic sensibilities as well as your backyard, so use your imagination and work with your pool company to design the oasis of your dreams.

Get Creative with Your Placement and Staging

Sometimes, the trick to creating the perfect oasis in your backyard is a matter of making the most of your available space. For instance, rather than leaving space around the pool, why not tuck your pool into an unused corner, building it out to the edge of the yard’s boundaries? Place plants strategically to make the transition less harsh, allowing them to climb up the wall or fence and soften the look. Designing a pool that blends into your backyard environment, meshing with the landscape in a way that doesn’t waste space and looks like a natural element, is another way to make the most of a small backyard while creating something stunning.  Remember to discuss regulations with your pool contractor, and follow state and legal guidelines regarding fences. If you don’t like the idea of a fence around your pool, consider a clear fence, made of Lucite or frameless glass, sturdy but unobtrusive, so that your yard won’t feel crowded, and your views won’t be obstructed. And, of course, much of the ambiance of a pool has to do with how you style the surroundings. If you have room, a pergola adds a nice touch and a place to find some shade. If you are pressed for space, make the most of lighting, hardscaping, and landscaping, to give your pool area the feel of a relaxing oasis, even in a small yard.

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