Maximizing the Value of Your Home: How a Custom Pool Can Increase Property Appeal

How a Swimming Pool Affects Property Value

If you’re considering installing a pool on your property, you are probably thinking about the benefits it will provide for you and your family. Having a pool gives you a place to relax, hang out, entertain, and get some exercise, and it’s great for family bonding. But does the installation of a swimming pool increase the overall value of your property? Often, the answer is yes. Let’s take a closer look at the value-adding potential of a swimming pool.

Pools Draw the Attention of Buyers

Especially in warmer climates, a pool can be a boon. Homes with pools garner a lot of attention on the market, often leading to quicker sales and, potentially, higher offers. It’s not true in every market, though, so it’s important to understand your particular market before deciding whether a pool makes sense for you. If you live in the right area, a well-designed pool can have significant value-adding potential. A pool can serve as a stunning focal point for an outdoor living space, complementing the home’s architecture and transforming the look of the backyard, which adds value to the minds of potential buyers. Additionally, in an area where backyard pools are the norm, not having a pool can put your home at a disadvantage.

Increasing Your Pool’s Intrinsic Value

It’s not enough to simply install a pool. The quality and type of pool factor into its value, as do the enhancements you integrate into the pool environment. In-ground pools tend to be more appealing to buyers than above-ground pools, which buyers often view as temporary structures and a pool constructed with high-quality materials will add more value than a more cheaply constructed pool. On the other hand, some above-ground pools are made of high-quality materials, designed to be aesthetically pleasing and make the most of a small space, and those pools will certainly garner attention from buyers. With an in-ground pool, you will need to consider the size and shape of the pool, as well as custom features you may want to add. A waterfall or fountain, built-in seating, a sun shelf, or a poolside bar are all luxurious touches that can enhance the appeal of your pool and increase its value in the eyes of potential buyers. Pool heaters, too, can increase a pool’s value by making it usable all year long.  If you plan to install a pool, make sure it complies with all local safety standards and regulations because legal or insurance issues can detract from its value. To make it even more appealing to buyers, consider integrating your pool with other features, like a deck, an outdoor kitchen, some interesting hardscaping, or appealing landscaping. When you make the most of your outdoor space, you increase its value for buyers who are seeking a complete lifestyle package.

Making the Pool it’s Most Appealing

Before you list your home, make sure your pool is ready to truly shine. Make any necessary repairs, and give the pool a thorough cleaning, so that it will look its best for potential buyers. Few things are as off-putting as a pool in need of cleaning and repair, so make sure your pool is beautiful and sparkling before anyone ever comes to look at the house. Make sure the pool equipment is in good shape, and everything is running smoothly.

The Pool Value Paradox

For many buyers, pools are a symbol of luxury and are beneficial to a property. However, all buyers don’t feel the same way. Some view a pool as a liability and don’t want to take on the maintenance required by pool ownership. It’s smart, then, not to install a pool simply to attract buyers. If the buyers are anti-pool, a pool will detract from the amount they’re willing to pay for your house.

Does a Pool Make Sense for You?

If you have your heart set on a pool, installing one is probably a sound idea, even if the value it adds to your home is not significant. A pool can make living in your home more enjoyable, by creating a place for recreation, fun, bonding, and entertaining. Before you install one, though, make sure you understand the cost vs. return on investment. Realistically, your pool will probably not add enough value to the home to justify the cost of installation. However, there is also value to the enjoyment you get from your pool, and this should factor into your decision.

Installing a Pool: Factors to Consider

Before you take the plunge and install a pool, there are some things you should take into consideration. Pool ownership can be a wonderful thing, providing entertainment, exercise, and a place to relax. On the flip side, pool maintenance can be expensive, and having a pool increases your liability as well as your insurance premiums. Here are some factors to consider before you decide if a pool is right for you.

  • Think about your budget. The cost of a pool includes its construction, but it doesn’t end there. Make sure you can afford pool maintenance and other ongoing expenses before you decide on a pool.
  • Assess your backyard space. You will want to be able to situate your pool in such a way that your other outdoor activities are not hampered. Talk to your pool design company, because there are some truly stunning pool options for a small yard.
  • Consider your location. Does your region’s climate lend itself to a pool? If you live somewhere with a very short warm season, a pool may not be worth the investment.
  • Prioritize safety. There are very specific regulations regarding pool construction and safety, and it’s important to be in compliance. Of course, it’s also vital to provide a safe space for those who use your pool. Drowning deaths are a very serious problem with backyard pools, especially for little children, so pool owners must be responsible and install the right fencing to keep children away from the pool. It’s also a good idea to use other safety measures, like alarms, and put rules in place for how your pool is to be used.
  • Evaluate the market and your long-term plans. Get a realistic idea of how a pool impacts the value of homes in your area so that you’ll have an estimate of your pool’s return on investment. On the other hand, if this is your forever home, you might not care if your pool will appeal to buyers. The enjoyment you and your family will get as you swim, lounge, and entertain guests is enough of a reason to install a beautiful backyard pool.

Look to Aaron Pools and Spas for Your Perfect Custom Pool

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