Keep Pool Costs Down by Being Smart About Your Pool Maintenance

Owning a pool has many benefits, whether it’s a backyard pool or a commercial pool. In your backyard, a pool provides a place to cool off on a hot day, spend time with family, and entertain friends. A commercial pool can be a community asset, an enhancement to your club, or a boon to your school. What commercial and private pools have in common is that they increase your property value, and they’re a big responsibility, in terms of cost and upkeep. Fortunately, there are some smart moves you can make to keep costs down on your pool maintenance. Here are some tips to help you keep your spending under control while keeping your pool in great shape.

  • The first tip has to do with the construction of the pool. If you’re considering buying a property with a pool, check its condition before making your decision. A pool that’s been neglected isn’t a good buy, because it will end up being a money drain. If you’re building a pool, consider a dark finish, which will retain heat and keep your pool warmer. Make sure your swimming pool is configured properly, with the right plumbing and the right sized filter, so that your system will be efficient.
  • Cover the pool. A pool cover helps save money on pool maintenance in a few different ways. Pool covers can minimize evaporation to help prevent wasting water. They keep dirt and debris out of the pool, reducing the money you’ll spend on chemicals and helping your pool filter work more efficiently. What’s more, a pool with a pool cover will have less contact with fresh air, which will help it stay warmer. Covering the pool during the winter can mean a better chance of easier maintenance in the spring.
  • Don’t waste water. As mentioned, a cover will help. Additionally, fixing leaks promptly and keeping the water at the right level, about halfway up the tile line, will prevent water loss. An unattended leak can quickly lead to excessive water loss, and an overfilled pool will result in more water being splashed out and leaking through the skimmer facings. Turn off any water features when the pool is not in use, and don’t backwash too long or too often. Landscape in a way that blocks wind, so you don’t lose water that way, and don’t keep your pool too warm, because this can lead to evaporation as well as wasting energy.
  • Illuminate your pool with LED lights. When you do this, you’ll have lighting that lasts 35 to 50 times longer than incandescent lights, while using 75 percent less energy. Even though LED light fixtures for the pool are more expensive upfront, they’ll save money in the long run.
  • Keep the pool chemistry balanced. Keeping the right levels of chemicals in your pool will prevent problems like cloudy or green water, which can be expensive to fix. When your pool is appropriately balanced, it will also extend the life of your surfaces by keeping the plaster and tile grouts from being damaged by too much chlorine or acid. You can save money on pool chemicals by buying them in bulk and off-season, but make sure you store them properly, in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions, to protect their efficacy.
  • Hire professionals to service your pool. It may seem counterintuitive to hire someone when you’re trying to save money. However, pool cleaning and maintenance professionals can provide preventive maintenance and make repairs before problems become big and expensive.

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