Essentials for Beginner Swimmers

Are you new to swimming? Welcome to a fun and healthy activity! Swimming is great for people of all fitness levels, provides low-impact exercise, and works almost every muscle in your body, yet is somehow also relaxing. All you need to get started is a body of water, right? Well, not exactly. Here, we offer a comprehensive list of supplies you might want to have when you start swimming.

  • We’ll start with the obvious- a swimsuit. Choose a swimsuit with a snug fit, so that it doesn’t slip off while you’re swimming. A suit that fits you well will help you swim more effectively because it won’t add drag as you cut through the water.
  • Goggles can be a big help. Goggles allow you to see underwater, which can help keep you safe when you’re swimming near other people or doing laps. They also protect your eyes from whatever is in the pool water, including bodily fluids and chemicals like chlorine. Your eyes won’t feel achy and tired after you swim, and they won’t be red and irritated.
  • A swim cap keeps your hair where it should be. It may sound like an old-fashioned idea, but a swim cap is extremely useful. It keeps your hair out of your face while you’re swimming, protects it from chemicals in the water, and prevents it from falling out and floating in the pool or clogging the filter.
  • Protect your ears with ear plugs. These are not strictly necessary for everyone, but if you are prone to ear infections, they’re a must-have. Water in the ear canals can lead to an infection, but wearing soft, silicone earplugs can help prevent this from happening
  • Swim diapers are necessary for little kids. In fact, if your child isn’t potty trained, swim diapers or swim diaper covers are mandatory at all public pools.
  • Don’t forget your towel. Remember to bring your towel all the way to the pool deck, rather than leaving it in your locker. You don’t want to have to drip all the way back to the locker room, especially because doing so can create a slip and fall hazard by leaving puddles.
  • Choose the right shoes for walking around the pool. Footwear worn around a pool should have soles that don’t slip, and should be easy to take off and put on. Flip flops, water shoes, and some types of sandals are good options for pool shoes.
  • Remember your shower supplies. It’s wise to shower immediately after leaving a pool, to wash off the pool chemicals. Bring swimmer’s shampoo to protect your hair from damage, along with conditioner, body wash, moisturizer, and a wet brush to detangle your hair. Bring an extra towel, too, so you don’t put pool water and germs from your wet towel back onto your clean body.
  • Bring snacks and water. Swimming is exercise, so you’re likely to get hungry and thirsty while you swim. Bring a healthy snack in case you get puckish, and water to prevent dehydration.
  • Keep storage in mind. You’ll need a bag to carry all of these things, whether it’s a gym bag or a more stylish bag meant to be carried to the beach or pool. You’ll also need a lock, if you’re swimming somewhere with lockers to stash your stuff while you relax at the pool.   

Of course, no matter what level of swimmer you are, there’s no equipment quite as good as your own backyard pool! Swimming on your own property is relaxing and fun, and if you forget any of the things you need, you can step back inside your house and get them. When you’re ready for your own pool, call Aaron Pools. Established in 1972, this family-owned-and-operated business has a dedicated, award-winning team with over 400 years of combined experience. We love to help improve the quality time that families spend together at home, and that’s why we’ve installed more than 2,000 swimming pools and hot tubs, from Cape Cod to Connecticut. For the best possible service from our highly experienced installation team, call 508.996.3320 or contact us today.

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