Aaron Pools and Spas Offers Tips for Creating a Welcoming Backyard Environment for Spring

Is your back yard ready for spring? It’s an exciting time of year to freshen everything up, and it’s even more of a thrill if you’ve got a pool you’ll soon be enjoying again. Here, we’ve got some tips for making sure your backyard environment is ready for all the fun of spring!

First, prep your pool. You’ll have to take off the cover, so of course you’ll need to clean off any debris, so it doesn’t fall into the water. Reverse whatever you did to winterize your pool, removing winterizing plugs and the ice compensator and getting rid of any antifreeze. Clean or replace your cartridge filters and replace return fittings with the old filters. Inspect your pool to make sure all the parts are in good working order, and top off the water to replace any that was lost through evaporation. You’ll want to use the garden hose to bring the water levels to halfway up the skimmer. Now is a great time to take inventory of your pool tools, making sure all of your equipment is in good condition and you’ve got all of the pool chemicals you may need.

Once you’ve got things up and running, it’s time to see to the water. Use a skimmer net to remove any debris, then leave the pool alone and let the water circulate for eight hours or more before you check the chemistry of the pool. Ideally, the pH will be between 7.4 and 7.6, the total alkalinity between 80 and 120 ppm, the chlorine between 2 and 4 ppm, and the calcium hardness between 200-400 ppm. Make any necessary adjustments to balance the water, and then brush and vacuum the pool, paying special attention to the pool steps, ladders, lights, and any crevices. Run the filtration system overnight to remove the rest of the dirt and debris, and consider shocking the pool to get rid of any germs that may be lurking. If you use an automatic pool cleaner, you can reinstall it 24 hours after shocking the pool.

Now that the pool is open and the water is clean and balanced, it’s time for the fun part! What will you do to make your outdoor living spaces beautiful, fun, and welcoming? We’ve got some suggestions.

  • When you’re ready to decorate your back yard choose and maintain a theme. A consistent theme can make the space more relaxing and make it easier to choose décor. Will your back yard be a tropical oasis? Do you like a rustic theme? Think about how you want it to feel before you get started. You can use outdoor rugs, candles and string lights, throw pillows and seat covers to incorporate your theme throughout your outdoor space.
  • Choose your colors. Will they be neutral or bright? What is your pool’s dominant color? Do you need to consider a liner replacement? Carry elements of your pool’s color throughout your back yard and incorporate patterns that work with your theme.
  • Don’t get carried away. You want your back yard to be a peaceful oasis, so it’s important not to make it too busy. You can easily use décor while still keeping it simple. Make sure whatever elements you incorporate work well with the natural surroundings, and use plants and other natural materials and textures to decorate.
  • Carefully plan before you begin. Focus on investing in décor that’s good quality and weather-resistant. Sketch your intended layout to determine what you need and what will work best in the space. Think about your lighting and how you can enhance it. Will you incorporate string lights? Create a layout plan that makes the best use of your trees and the side of your house so that you can minimize the posts you’ll need to add to support the lights. Once you’ve got everything planned to the last detail, it will be a breeze to bring your vision to life!

If you’ve got a pool, we hope these tips were helpful! If you don’t have a pool in your back yard, why not? When you’re ready for a pool or spa, call Aaron Pools. Established in 1972, this family-owned-and-operated business has a dedicated, award-winning team with over 400 years of combined experience. We love to help improve the quality time that families spend together at home, and that’s why we’ve installed more than 2,000 swimming pools and hot tubs, from Cape Cod to Connecticut. For the best possible service from our highly experienced installation team, call 508-689-5042 or contact us today.

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