Wi-Fi Learning Guide for Your Hot Tub Spa

Imagine this. You’re just wrapping up a long and stressful day at work. Your back hurts, your neck feels tense, and you can’t wait to go home and soak in your hot tub. Before you even leave the office, you pick up your phone, open your hot tub app, and set the hot tub temperature to your preferred temperature. Voila! By the time you get home, your hot tub is ready and welcoming. Does this sound like science fiction? It’s not- it’s as accessible as a Wi-Fi module for your hot tub.

Of course, you’ll need a hot tub spa with Wi-Fi compatibility. However, Wi-Fi-enabled spa paks are now available from all major spa manufacturers and spa control makers. For Arctic, it’s OnSpa, Jacuzzi works with ProLink, and Sundance has SunSmart. For spa manufacturers who use Balboa, there’s the BWA module and app, and spas with a Gecko spa pack use the InTouch system. Using these apps, you can adjust not only the temperature, but also the pumps, lights, and even the filter.

To use Wi-Fi controls on your hot tub, you’ll need a smart device. This can be a phone or tablet, and it can work on iOs or Android. A module on your hot tub will let you connect directly to the spa from your phone or tablet, and it connects to your home Wi-Fi network. Some of the systems use a single module, and other use one by the spa and one by your home Wi-Fi router.

There are different ways to connect your smart device to your hot tub’s Wi-Fi module: direct, local, and cloud. With a direct connection, the phone will be communicating with the module directly. With a local connection, you’ll go through your home router. To use either of these types of connection, you’ll need to be at home. The great thing about Wi-Fi spa controls, though, is that you can use them from anywhere, without being near your spa. To do this, you’ll just need to use a cloud connection. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to set up your controller, and remember that the closer you are to the Wi-Fi router, the stronger your connection will be.

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