Pool Lighting Options for 2023

If you’re having a pool installed, congratulations! A back yard pool is a great enhancement to any property, providing a wonderful opportunity to relax and have fun in the sun. However, sunny days aren’t the only times you can enjoy your pool. With the right lighting, a pool can provide a beautiful place for a night-time swim and can also greatly improve the aesthetics of your back yard in the evening. Modern pool lighting options are plentiful, so let’s look at some of the ways you can make your pool even better with these pool lighting options for 2023.

  • There are a variety of lights to go below the surface of the pool water. LED lights are a nice, eco-conscious option, softly illuminating the hue of your pool’s liner and making it easier to swim at night. They’re not quite as bright as halogen lights, but they last for years and come in a wide range of colors, including color-changing lights. Another environmentally friendly choice is solar lighting, but that’s generally not available for underwater lighting that illuminates the entire pool. Halogen lights are less expensive up front and brighter than LED lights, but they don’t last as long and are less energy efficient. Fiber optic pool lights don’t require you to change the bulbs, but they’re dimmer and less powerful than LED and halogen lights. They are versatile, though, and can be run around the perimeter of the pool or submerged in the water. They can also be programmed to perform light shows or mimic twinkling stars.
  • Out of the water, you can use lights to enhance your landscaping or architecture. Upward facing lights that shine on a wall, tree, or accent feature can cast beautifully dramatic shadows, and simple solar spotlights angled up to shine through foliage can highlight your plants and flowers. Landscape lighting can be used to bring tree branches and foliage to life, and you can use different colored lights to create different effects.
  • Pathway lights are a beautiful method of lighting your way. Minimalist pathway lights, six to eight feet apart, provide a sophisticated look while also offering enough illumination to see without being overwhelmingly bright. Choose solar lighting, and you won’t have to worry about hiding your power cords, but you may have to place your lights closer together since they may not be as bright as electric lights.
  • Lighting your pools more dramatic features can be stunning. How have you enhanced your pool? A waterfall adds a gorgeous aesthetic and soothing sound, but when it lights up after dark, it is elevated to the next level. Then, too, stairs are just stairs unless they’re fully illuminated, and then they become a dramatic pool feature.
  • Don’t discount lights on the water. Floating lights come in a wide variety of styles and can really add flair to your pool. Some are made to look like the moon, floating around in your pool, while others come in fun shapes to make your pool feel like a party. There are even floating solar lights that will float and glow while changing color frequently to add to the ambiance. Some of these lights can even be removed from the pool and hung from a hook or tree branch, and some are durable enough to play with in the pool.
  • Different lights can produce different effects around the pool. Modern lanterns around the pool give it a chic, sleek look, and an intimate feel, while fire bowls add warmth and drama. String lights on your fence, pergola, or strung around the pool can be charming, as long as they are secure and won’t be at risk of falling into the pool.

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