Make a Spooktacular Splash This Halloween Holiday: Pool and Spa Ideas to Create the Perfect Halloween Experience

Summer’s over, taking with it your opportunity to throw pool parties, right? Not so fast! Halloween presents a great excuse for a big bash and using your pool can make it just that much more fun. If you live somewhere that lends itself to autumn swimming, all the better. Even if you don’t, though, a pool makes a great backdrop for a spooky soiree!

Amaze Your Guests With Awesome Decorations

  • Did you know that pumpkins float? What a great idea for a Halloween decoration? Decorate a bunch of pumpkins with scary faces and float them in your pool to create the perfect backdrop for your party. If you don’t want to float real pumpkins, you can also float Jack-lantern candy buckets. Add some glowsticks to each bucket and you’ve got a glowing, festive party pool!
  • Ghost hands can make your party a little bit creepy. Use white glow sticks for this one, placing them into inflated latex gloves. Throw these “ghost hands” into the pool for an eerie decoration.
  • Invite some famous skeletons to the party. Dress skeletons like your favorite characters and put them on pool floats or lounge chairs to enjoy the party with the rest of your guests.
  • Make sure to include some monsters! Draw monster faces on plain colored beach balls and float them in the pool, or buy or rent a life-sized monster figure to guard the entrance of the pool. Consider a water-based monster like Swamp Monster or the Creature from the Black Lagoon.
  • If swimming isn’t on the agenda, do something dramatic with your pool. Have a plexiglass cover installed and put some colored bulbs in your pool lights for a festive dance floor or catwalk for a costume contest. Or you can float dry ice in some containers on the surface to create a surreal and spooky atmosphere. Just make sure no one touches the dry ice because it can burn the skin.
  • Create some spooky ambiance. Wrap white, helium-filled balloons in black tulle, secure the tulle with black ribbon, and you’ll have weird but elegant floating orbs. You can also stretch fake spider webs over your trees and shrubbery. Top it off with a spooky playlist to make your party perfect!

Choose a Creepy Costume

  • Become a Spooky Spider using pool noodle legs.
  • A Sea Anemone costume is easy when you inflate long, thin balloons and tape them to your swimsuit.
  • Make a Jellyfish costume by decorating an old umbrella with long strips of sheer fabric.
  • Scuba Diver might seem complicated, but with flippers, goggles, and a 2-liter bottle for an oxygen tank, it’s a snap.

Go for Ghoulish Games

  • If it’s a swim party, try some fun pool games. Put pumpkins in the pool and let the children swim to the one they pick. They can then carve the pumpkin and you can float the carved pumpkins in the pool with candles in them. You can also fill orange and black eggs with little toys, toss the eggs in the water, and let kids dive and collect them.
  • Have a water-themed costume contest. Olympic swimmers, synchronized swimmers, mermaids, scuba diver, sea creatures, kayakers, surfers, and any other water-related ideas are welcome!
  • Try some creepy crafts. Have a pumpkin carving contest, get creative with pool noodle crafts, or let kids (and maybe adults!) decorate masks for Halloween.
  • Play some Halloween themed games. Make a candy corn ring toss by spray painting traffic cones and tossing circular glowsticks. Fill a witch’s cauldron with strange items and have guests feel and guess the objects with no peeking. Or collect the grossest foods you can find and challenge your guests to a Halloween fear factor-type game. Use your imagination to come up with more ideas!

Serve a Spooky Spread

  • Make Mummy Hot Dogs using crescent rolls.
  • Turn Rice Krispy treats into Monster Treats using food coloring and candy eyes.
  • Serve up some Vampire Floats made with red soda and strawberry ice cream, garnished with vampire teeth.
  • Turn your favorite taco dip into Spider Web Dip by adding sour cream in the shape of a spider web with a fake spider in the middle.
  • Make Jack O Lantern Quesadillas by carving a face into the top tortilla.

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