How Indoor and Outdoor Water Workouts Can Make Staying Fit This Winter Easy

As winter’s chill settles in, it may be tempting to stay under the covers. But keeping fit this winter is more important than ever since we’ve had to stay indoors so much during the pandemic and need to stay healthy during cold and flu season. While it may seem like exercising when the snow falls is an all-out battle, this war can be won.

Start with small steps that can make a big difference. Even though meeting your exercise goals might mean rethinking your workouts, there are ways you can get active and stay in shape all winter long, both indoors and outdoors — and they include water exercise.

Get Moving, Whether on the Sidewalk or in a Pool

Taking a brisk walk is a great activity in any weather, but in the winter it can be especially beneficial because the body may burn additional calories to keep warm. Just make sure to bundle up! Indoors, this activity can be completed on a treadmill or by hopping into an indoor pool for a walk in the water.

Walking in water creates resistance while potentially helping to ease pain in muscles and arthritic joints, which can cause significant discomfort during the cold winter months. Water aerobics, water arm lifts and leg kicks, and water jumping jacks are great ways to work in cardio while doing it in comfort.

A Swim Spa provides an ideal environment for both athletic and casual swimmers, allowing the swimmer to stay centered to help ensure an authentic swimming experience and a great workout, no matter the season.

Take Advantage of the Physical Benefits of Warm Water

Not many people own indoor pools, but a more affordable option for all climates is a hot tub. Hot tubs provide exercise opportunities that the water offers year-round. Plus, hot tubs, including Hydropool Hot Tubs and Dream Maker Spas, are easy to maintain and fun to use, and they can help boost overall activity.

Hot tubs allow users to engage in low-impact exercise that can promote flexibility, muscle tone, weight loss and even heart health. Stay warm while performing leg stretches or kicking in a bicycle motion to work those quadriceps — or strengthen core abdominal muscles by bringing the knees to the chest and stretching out again.

There are many more exercises that can make a hot tub not only a fun place to relax but a way to stay active, too. What’s more, hot tub jets can help soothe sore muscles and stimulate blood flow, potentially helping to ease aches.

And self-cleaning hot tubs, like those from Hydropool, help cut down on the hassle of hot tub maintenance. The hands-free cleaning system helps ensure the water is as safe as possible, safe, cleaning it every 15 minutes. These hot tubs even include built-in floor vacuums.

Ski Mountainside — Or Simply Head to the Heated Pool

Sure, there’s always skiing at the region’s top slopes, but, even in wintertime, there are indoor pool activities that can simulate the feeling of summer.

Try water jogging and kickboard exercising, as as even moderate activity can get the heart rate up Also, try strength training workouts in water to help maintain muscle tone. Still, don’t limit hitting the pool this winter to strength training and aerobics sessions: Activities like in-water yoga or tai chi can keep balance in check.

The experts at Aaron Pools and Spas are ready to help you stay in shape all winter. This southern New England shop handles everything from initial consultation, computerized design, construction and project management to post-installation service. The company’s professionals can help you find the perfect pool or hot tub to heat up your workout this winter.

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